Friday, July 29, 2005

4 more Google Maps mashups!

Oodles of Google Maps - Suggested by a visitor, seems to be present with Google Maps integration. The site features For Sale items, Cars, Housing, Jobs
and other local services for many U.S. cities..

Saratoga Cross Country Courses - Here's a neat mashup created by a local running club in the U.S. The tool shows members various routes on a Google Map as well as taking them through an animated run of each of the routes.

North American Sports Teams on Google Maps - With the NHL resolving its differences with the players union its time once again for professional hockey to invade the US and Canadian cities.. The North American Hockey Map will help you locate your nearest NHL or semi-pro hockey team. Get out and enjoy this sport.. it's fast-paced and exciting. (PS: Go Detroit! ;) ) For the baseball fans out there, here is an equivalent baseball team locator for all 30 pro and also AAA teams.
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