Wednesday, July 27, 2005

5 more Google Maps Tools

Here are 5 more tools for you to get the most out of Google Maps..

MutantMaps Firefox Toolbar- Described as allowing navigation between all of the popular mapping sites while preserving your longitude, latitude and zoom levels, this toolbar can be quickly added to Firefox to facilitate browsing between not only mapping sites like Google Maps but also to some select Google Maps mashups like the Pedometer and Global Coordinate! [via]

Cheap Gas Google Maps widget - Here's a widget from a gallery on which shows you gas prices pulled from For Mac users of this widget, maps are none other than Google Maps.. err.. maps. :)

GMaps Dashboard widget gets an update - Still on the topic of those clever widgets the OSX GMaps Widget has been updated to Version 2.

New in v2.0:
- Widget is now resizable
- Address Book integration: slide-out panel displays list of entries in your address book.
- New icon (courtesy of Chad Weider)
- Italian localization (courtesy of Lorenzo dell'Uva)

GMapToRoute - Here is a bookmarklet which works with a cgi script to do the inverse of the GPX parser I posted about a few weeks ago. Given a google map with driving directions, it will spit out a GPX file containing a route made up of the numbered "turn here" waypoints in the
directions. It's pretty basic, but it seems to work.

Connect the dots - Here is a nice Google Maps tool. It allows you to enter geographic coordinates and will put markers at the points and/or connect them with lines. Currently it supports GCS in decimal degrees, UTM, and IDTM (apparently a local projection for the state of Idaho).
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