Thursday, April 20, 2006

Google changes name from Local back to Maps

Update (Apr.21 1pm): Here is an update from the Google Blog: "Back on the map"

An observant Digg user has pointed out that Google has changed the Google Local name back to Google Maps. Google switched from Maps to Local back on October 6th, 2005. While the URL still resolves to the title tag, title bar and the service name above the search field now say Maps instead of Local. Here is a before look. Google Local for Mobile appears to have kept the same name.

This name change does make you wonder what might be next from Google. Perhaps this could now mean that street maps will no longer hinge on an underlying business directory being present before they offer this map content to new countries. I'm not sure about you, but we here at Google Maps Mania feel MUCH better about the change of heart and wonder if there are any more plans in the works that accompany the product re-naming decision. Stay tuned!
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