Monday, May 15, 2006

Google Geo Developer Day at the Googleplex!

If you're headed out to the Where 2.0 Conference in June and you're a Google Maps API, Earth or Sketchup developer you might be interested in an event that Google has just added to the conference list: Google Geo Developer Day. Dubbed as the "Your Where 2.0 Warmup" Google pledges to feed you, teach you, then feed you some more, right from their home base - the Googleplex. :) Google was kind enough to invite me to the event where I'll be talking up some cool maps and chatting about Google Maps Mania alongside Frank Taylor of the Google Earth Blog. The agenda includes breakout sessions for Maps, Earth, and Sketchup and at least 1 or 2 product announcements throughout the day. You'll get a chance to mingle with the Google geo-sluggers such as Jens Rasmussen, pose your tough API questions, and generally hang out with the community of folks that have created all the neat things I've talked about over the past year. The day wraps up with a "poster session"/gallery that showcases creative maps mashups.

Looking forward to meeting you all there for what looks to be a really fun day. Drop me a line if you're coming!
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