Friday, May 12, 2006

Google Maps news and blog post roundup


Google APIs And Their Map Apps
Internet News - May 11/06

Doing 'the mash' as cool as Kylie
The Age - May 9/06

Mapping the Invisible City Outside Their Walls
New York Times - May 3/06

The New Advertising: Satellite Graffiti - May 1/06

"Neogeography" Blends Blogs With Online Maps
National Geographic News - Apr. 25/06

Too Quiet?
Location Intelligence - Mar.6/06


Google Trends: The Local Angle
Screenwerk - May 11/06

Google Maps Marriage Proposal Or Not?
Search Engine Watch - May 11/06

Mashups are good but Frappr goes too far...
k.b.$kob@c - May 11/06

Honorable Mention for Panoramio at Web 2.0 Awards Blog - May 10/06

Frappr - A Mashup Success Story - May 7/06

Startup Beats Google Maps on its Home Turf
O'Reilly Radar - May 4/06

Google Maps launches in Spain with a lineup of local heavy weights - May 3/06
Mashup Consultants Blog - May 1/06

Google maps + gas prices Mash-up
BitPorters Media - Apr.26/06

The Map Room - Apr. 25/06
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