Monday, May 08, 2006

Google Maps news for Thailand, Philippines, India

Thailand: All 50 Bangkok Subdivisions - Swatchai Kriengkraipet of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand has geocoded each "khet" (subdivision) in Bangkok. The boundaries are represented with polylines on a Google Map along with district offices and the option to display the map labels in Thai language. [via]

Thailand: All 76 National Changwats - In the same manner as the Bangkok map Khun Swatchai has also detailed each of the national administrative divisions throughout Thailand. [via]

Philippines: Agri-Tech Roadshow Mapped - The K-AgriNet ICT Roadshow "promotes the use of computers and internet to local government officials, agricultural extension workers, and farmers." They've built a Google Map to show the stops on the tour. They're also using the map on their blog. It would be great if they enabled satellite imagery to let farmers view their land when viewing the tour map!

Philippines: Blog post about updated national imagery - A blogger in the Philippines points out locations in that country that have even better satellite imagery now..

India: Updated satellite maps for Chennai - The Neo-Sagredo blog has pointed out the updated satellite imagery for Chennai, India. Check out Aswin's post about this with screencaps of notable locations.
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