Monday, May 22, 2006

Missing Children Alerts on Google Maps

Map of Missing Children Alerts

Integrating location based information with Google Maps can make browsing that map a powerful experience. The scope and number of points of information and what they represent really bring home how big an issue really is. This next Google Map is exactly this. As with many maps I have reviewed on Google Maps Mania this API integration takes publicly accessible data (from and makes this data browsable on a Google Maps interface. The result is a map that locations of missing children alerts throughout the US, by state. Geo-developer Virender Ajmani reminds us that May 25th is the National Missing Kids Day as declared by former president Ronald Reagan. Please take some time to browse through this map, and also send it around to others you know so that it can perhaps make a difference in helping to find some of the children that are included on it.

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