Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New US Google Maps Mashups (8): ASU, pets, Sirius and more

Arizona State University (ASU) Adds Google Campus Map - James Fee over at Spatially Adjusted tips us off on the fact that ASU is now powering their campus map with the Google Maps API. Still in beta, the map shows the various campus, park and center locations with custom map markers.

Pet Flight Incidents.. Mapped - PetFlight is a Google Maps mashup run by Chris Nichols that combines airline reports about pet injuries, losses, or deaths that happen during transport and FAA's 5010 airport data. This data is displayed on a Google Map so you can browse incidents by each airport. This Ruby on Rails app also uses blog posts to inform pet owners of recent happenings. The airport with the most number of incidents? George Bush Intercontinental/Houston with 3 pet deaths.

A Sirius Google Maps mashup - Mike Wheeler has created a map that tracks the positions of the satellites used by Sirius Satellite Radio. He notes that this is useful for aiming your home antenna. The map also shows the location and approximate coverage area of the 200+ ground repeaters Sirius uses in urban areas.

More new mashups:
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