Thursday, May 04, 2006

US fishing, surfing, golfing biking Google Maps mashups!

Spring is now in full swing! These new Google Maps mashups will help you enjoy the season in New York, Boston or the coastal areas of the Eastern US!

NYC Bike Paths + Google Maps - NYCBikeMaps (.com) is a great new Google Maps mashup of bike paths throughout NYC. I'm tempted to file this one in the transit category for the value it has to relieve traffic in New York! Mapped are Car Free Bike Paths, On Street Bike Lanes and Parks. [Found via Will at]

East Coast Fishing and Surfing + Google Maps - PierAndSurf (.com) Google Maps US east coast surfing and fishing locations, along with tackle shops. Each point has a directions option as well.

Boston Golf Courses + Google Maps - is a Google Maps based golf directory for Boston and area. Features personalized reviews for area courses.

More Fitness & Recreation Google Maps can be found here..
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