Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Hot" new Google Maps mashup technologies

Google Heat Maps for your mashup - Here's some cool Google Maps mashup tech from FortiusOne that is a part of their newly launched GeoIQ beta product. GeoIQ is explained as: "..a dynamic geospatial analysis and heat mapping technology that delivers high resolution raster analysis through a web browser. Developers can use GeoIQ to add geographic data visualization and analysis tools to their web mapping applications. GeoIQ delivers colorful, easy to read maps that users can pan around and zoom into, that are refreshed immediately, refactored for the new geographic range and scale."

To see these heat maps in action, try these demos:
To get started with integrating this technology into your mashups, click on "Get your GeoIQ API Key" from this page, or try out the DIY Tool found here.. GeoIQ is also running a mashup contest where a PS3 is up for grabs!

GWT Simile Timeline in a Google Maps mashup - Alistair Rutherford's UK GTraffic.info mashup now integrates with the GWT Simile Timeline. Alistair explains it for us: "..This displays traffic events for a region in temporal relation to each other. Selecting a timeline will display an info bubble and clicking on the severity icon from the bubble will flip the display to the corresponding marker on the map. This allows you to browse the incidents for a region by time as well as by geographical location." To see it working, drill into a location and click the "timeline" tab.. You explore the timeline just like you do with Google Maps using an AJAX grab and pull interface. The Mapperz Blog calls it "a Google Maps first!" I'll have to agree.. (Check out my recent post about GTraffic here..)

Cool Google Maps key interface - StrataVarious has created a cool user interface to browse Google Maps mashups. Their HyperMapAtlas system applies layering technology to turn Google Maps into a deep, interactive and smooth usability experience with all-in-one-page access to large geographic data sets. To take a look at how it works, click the above link which takes you to Seattle or here to view a US Minerals Map that gives a nice demo. Click onto items in the key and also take a look at the bottom of the map to see additional ways of selecting different views. Pretty nice stuff!

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