Friday, February 01, 2008

Plan your Super Bowl Weekend with Google Maps!

Super Bowl XLII on Google Maps:

Thousands have flocked to Phoenix, Arizona for the 42nd Super Bowl. Google Maps is a great source for what is happening and how to navigate the city of Phoenix this weekend thanks all the people that have created maps and KML content. To find the big parties, parking tips, hotels and condo rentals in Phoenix I've used a new feature on Google Maps that lets you narrow down your search to only user-created content. This lets you find Super Bowl related events and not the Super Bowl Bar & Grill (though I'm sure their party will be great!) or a streetname like "Super Bowl Drive". After completing my search of user-created maps here are a few of the maps that stand out:

Super Bowl XLII Venue Google Map

View Larger Map

Just because you're not in Phoenix doesn't mean there isn't a Super Bowl event happening in your city! Head to Google Maps, zoom into the area where you live and enter "Super Bowl" as a search (Restrict results to: User-created content) to find out what's happening. If you're planning an event be sure to create a map for your friends' taxi drivers, or the general public to find you!
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