Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time Space Map

Time Space Map is an encyclopaedic atlas of historical events that anyone can add to or edit. Like Wikimapia, Time Space Map tags entries on a Google Map. However, whereas Wikimapia strives to map today’s world, Time Space Map strives to map our yesterdays.

So if you want to know what New York was like in the 1930’s or if you want to know what interesting things occurred along a particular route, Time Space Map hopes to be able to map your answer.

Like all wikis Time Space Map depends on its users for the size and accuracy of its database and the more visitors the site gets the better it will become.

The data that has already been contributed can be accessed through a number of search options. Users can search by location, time or subject. Search a location and a list of historical events for that location is given and tagged on the map. Search a year and a list of events associated with the year is tagged. You can even search within a time frame and the events within that time frame are mapped. Finally, you can search by subject. For example a search for ‘battle’ produces a list of all the battles in the wiki and then maps them all for you.

Time Space Map is the brainchild of Frank San Miguel, who was one of the creators of mapquest. Lets hope he has as much success with this new project.

[Via: Ogle Earth]
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