Friday, May 02, 2008

Community Mapping the World

Two new websites have decided to enter the already crowded community mapping arena. Just two days ago we reviewed ZoomAndGo, a social network of reviews, photos and videos of global locations tagged on a Google Map, and now today we have learned of two more community maps.


iGuide takes a different approach to community mapping than ZoomAndGo. Rather than trying to create their own community of users the iGuide takes advantage of the many existing community generated websites that already exist, like Wikipedia and YouTube.

iGuide boasts that its Google Map includes reviews of over 16,000 destinations around the world. Each destination is tagged on the map with a little red dot. When you click on the red dot you are then inundated with information about the location. You can choose between reading a Wikipedia article, viewing YouTube videos or just browsing through photographs of the location.

Each location also carries links to flight and hotel booking websites. So the iGuide could prove invaluable in helping you plan and book your summer vacation.


MAPme is a community mapping site that can help you create your own Google Map and share your creation with the world. Users can create Google Maps of their favourite places, their travels or create a community map with their friends.

Users can add photos and video to their maps, apply categories and tag hotspots on their map. Each user created map includes other social networking features, such as the ability to enable comments or allow others to embed the map in a blog or website or export the map data to Google Earth or a Sat Nav device. The site also promises that in the near future members will be able to add their maps to Facebook.

Via: Mapperz
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