Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finding Your Way Around Moscow


Rusavtobus is an impressive web-site that finds the fastest public transport routes between two points in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Ekaterinburg in Russia.

You can choose the starting and destination points of a journey by clicking on a Google Map, by filling in a form or by choosing from categories.

The suggested routes for your journey are then plotted on the map and the best routes are explained (as in the screen shot below).

The estimated time of each route is given, as are any changes you might have to make, the distance on foot to public transport stations and the cost of the journey. This site is very similar to the Transport for London site, that recently won a Webby, and is as easy to use.

If you don't want to take public transport and wish to drive around Moscow then you can use this driving directions Google Map for Moscow.

The map uses Google's driving directions, so if you have ever used Google Maps to find directions you will be familiar with the interface. To find a route a user enters a start and finish destination. The route is then plotted on the map and all the stages of the journey are explained in a handy sidebar.

Now you have no excuse for getting lost in Moscow.

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