Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mapping the Environment

Climate Change in Our World
Yesterday Google added a new layer to Google Earth designed by the British Government, the UK Met Office and the British Antarctic Survey. Thanks to some excellent work by Google Blogoscoped the information is also now available in Google Maps.

The map shows how climate change is already affecting different areas around the world and also what different areas can expect if global warming continues.

Earth Knowledge

Earth Knowledge is an environment news portal for Google Maps. It draws in news feeds about the Earth from a large number of sources and plots the information on a map.

Environmental data is available in a number of categories; Biodiversity, Land, Water and Climate. Each of those categories is then subdivided into further categories, for example 'water' is divided into Groundwater/Aquifers, Rivers/Watersheds, Water Pollution, and Wetlands. Once you have chosen a sub-category you are presented with a number of news stories in that environmental area. If you then click on the story title the news story opens in an information window on the map.

Each information window contains a link to a web page devoted to that story. This is an amazing resource for anyone interested in the environment and the world around them.

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